Who we are - Clara Health

We are Clara.

We exist to help you access breakthrough clinical trials.

We believe that all patients should have the power to access the most advanced healthcare available. But we understand that getting started on the journey can be overwhelming.

That’s why we built Clara to be the simplest, fastest, most patient-friendly way to connect you to the newest treatment options.

And that’s why we work every day to help bring more clarity to this space. Because your health is the most important thing. We are Clara and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Our Mission

Evan Ehrenberg

Co-founder, CEO

When Sol first approached me with the idea for Clara, I didn’t hesitate to jump onboard to help. I saw the project as a clear opportunity to empower more individuals to take charge of their health and find new treatments through trials. And by doing so, I believed that we could help patients and researchers bring tomorrow’s cures to reality faster than ever before.

Nothing I’ve worked on previously compares to the impact that Clara could have on the treatments that patients are able to access today. For too long, patients were left to sift through disparate resources and navigate inefficient systems, all while facing down some of the most challenging moments of their lives.

Each day, our team has the privilege of being there for people confronting incredibly difficult circumstances. We’re honored that we get to work to guide patients along their journeys by equipping them with the tools they need to beat their medical condition and by connecting them with the some of the most recent advancements that science has to offer.

It seems like yesterday that we began building Clara. And while we know that there is still a long way to go, we are excited to keep walking down this road, and to be working hand-in-hand with patients to build communities, tools, and resources that could help millions of people around the world.

Sol Chen

Co-Founder, President

When I was walking to a class at Brown I saw a paper flyer stapled to a pole posted by researchers who were trying to find breast cancer patients to participate in their study. As it hung there, ignored by everyone passing by, I found myself fascinated with its absurdity: No one would find a trial this way, let alone enroll in one, right?

I didn’t know much about clinical trials at that time, but kept wondering why there wasn’t a central place to find clinical trials online where patients could find all the clinical trials to figure out which could benefit them.

As I began to research the field, I found that there were indeed tools available for patients, but that they were antiquated and confusing. I also learned that challenges in recruitment presented one of the largest speedbumps that caused delays - and often failure - in research.

Speaking with and learning from patients who went through clinical trials solidified my resolve. Access to these trials should be far easier, faster, and more democratic than it is today. Lives hang in the balance and lives are impacted by hurdles that can be cleared.

And that’s why I’m working to build Clara. It’s time to make a change, and we hope that we can contribute something that helps every patient feel more empowered and less alone, even in the midst of the most challenging moments of their lives.

Meet our Team

Evan Ehrenberg
Sol Chen
Aaron Jun
Terry Chay
Leilani Graham
Sidra Jabeen
Eric Swenson
Javier Uribe