Are you looking for a diet that helps lupus symptoms?
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Are you looking for a diet that helps lupus symptoms?

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Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that commonly causes inflammation and tissue damage in the joints, skin, brain, and lungs. The cause of lupus remains unknown, but there is solid evidence that genetics and environmental factors play a role.

About the FLARE study

There's no one-size-fits-all recipe to health. Many feel misguided by the system or their doctor. Hopeless to the notion of finding a solution that works. Does the "I have tried it all," speech sound familiar?

That thought, familiar to us at Mymee, is why we are here. Mymee is currently searching for people living with lupus to take part in a study. As a part of the study, you will receive Mymee's health coaching service for free. The service includes access to the Mymee app, one-on-one weekly calls with a health coach, and customized diet and lifestyle recommendations.


No required changes to your current medical treatment


Free one-on-one nutrition coaching


Free weekly calls with a personal health coach


Mobile app that makes health tracking easy

Is the FLARE study right for me?

Who is this study for?

If you've been diagnosed with Lupus and are interested, simply enter your details on our form and a Clara Health representative will be in contact shortly!


What should I expect?

The study lasts for 16 weeks, during which time you will do less than five minutes of daily tracking, have weekly calls with your personal health coach, and take a short survey to evaluate your progress every four weeks.


Detailed information

How does Mymee work?

Mymee is the easiest way to monitor the ebb and flow of your symptoms over periods of time. It delivers a personalized experience when you need it most. By simply tracking symptoms and factors in your day-to-day life you establish an understanding of how your body works. This can include a headache, depression or fatigue.

Think of factors as things you do that might affect your symptoms. Factors like prednisone, meditation or your gluten intake will likely influence your system in one way or another. The trick is finding out what has a bad influence and eliminate these triggers.

Frequently asked questions

Custom nutrition planning. One-on-one coaching. For free.

Mymee's mission is to use nutrition and custom health coaching to help everyone feel their best. If you'd like to check your eligibility to use MyMee's services for free, simply click below!